Wood River Smoked Wagyu

Wood River Smoked Wagyu

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Intense marbling of Wagyu ranks this American Kobe-style beef above USDA prime. Registered Japanese breeds that gained fame in Japan's Kobe region have been raised here in the same style as Kobe beef. Traditional cure, smoked over pear wood.

Non-Perishable. Ground shipping OK to all states.
Reviews: I have been a customer and loyal GWM eater for better than 20 years now and I must say, this Wagyu is truely unique. I love tasting the pear wood smoke in the flavor of the meat. I have eaten about every variety of beef jerky before I found GWM and I can honestly say, it has changed my life. No joke. I am an agent for change among my friends and colleagues. They too are now believers. My friend Kenji is from Japan and he especially gets excited about this new Wagyu beef jerky. Thanks for another an outstanding product. Keep up the good work and say Hi to Paul Murdock from the Desert Hell Gang! Hi–ho, jerky away!!!

Of all of the jerky we have gotten this has to be one of the best we have had in fact we just placed an order For another pound and look forward to a lot more

I recently tried the smoked wagyu jerky after someone posted a link on kickstarter. I was blown away by how good it is compared to any other jerky I have ever had. factionsccg@gmail.com .T. .T. 07/17/13 Will Morton WA .T. 6066 C–TR 5 wow! I never leave reviews.. this once I had to. When I think of jerky I think of dry chewy man jerky. This jerky had just the right amount of tang, spice and juicy flavor to make me want more. forget jack links, gary west is going in our stocking this year!

seriously one of the tastiest things i have ever put in my mouth haha you guys are amazing!

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