Summer Sausage

Summer Sausage

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Gary West Meats handcrafts smoked sausage from its family-owned smokehouse in Jacksonville, Oregon. 
We have been smoking Papa's Liebe's Old World beef summer sausage recipe for decades.
Varieties include our 12 oz Jalapeno Beef Sausage ,
12 oz Hickory Smoked Beef Sauage, and Gary West's 8 oz Beef Sausage.
Where high-quality cuts of meat are transformed into smoky, delectable morsels by hand.
Grab a jar of sweet hot mustard and you are good to go!

Special Shipping Info: Perishable items must ship express.
This gift contains perishable items, and must ship express to any green areas on the map below. This must also ship express to blue regions between Feb. 16 and Nov. 30.
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