Smoked Pepperoni


Gary West pepperoni sticks are what pepperoni should taste like. Don’t snap into the highly-processed sticks of "meat" you find next to the cashier at the gas station. Instead snap into the rich, smoked beef flavor from Gary West pepperoni sticks.

Pepperoni Sticks Quick View

Pepperoni Sticks


Papa's spicy pepperoni. Rich, smoked beef flavor. Pairs great with our sweet hot mustard!
Seriously Fine Sausage Quick View

Seriously Fine Sausage


Beef Summer Sausages,rogue Creamery Cheese, German and Bratwurst sausages with snacks.
Summer Sausage Quick View

Summer Sausage


We have been smoking Papa's Liebe's Old World beef summer sausage recipe for decades. Varieties include our 12 oz Jalapeno Beef Sausage , 12 oz Hickory Smoked Beef Sauage, and Gary West's 8 oz Beef Sausage.