Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets from Gary West include our own smoked meats and jerky. We pair smoked sausages, hams and jerky with our favorite artisan foods from Oregon. Gift baskets are suitable for office gifts, business gifts as well as your best friends.
Oregons Finest Pairs Quick View

Oregons Finest Pairs

$49 to $79

For those who love Oregon's Signature Flavors: Beef Jerky, hazelnuts, Gary West beef summer sausage, mustard, Spretzels, and Trollee Korn.
Oregon Weekender Quick View

Oregon Weekender


For your weekend getaway. Beef Sausage,sweet hot mustard, gourmet cheese spread, artichoke bruschetta, crostini cracker, and caramel corn.
The Classic Snacking Gift Quick View

The Classic Snacking Gift


Our hallmark flavors include Beef Jerky, Summer Sausage, local caramel corn.
The Wayfarer Quick View

The Wayfarer


Perfect for a day trip; beef summer sausage, gourmet dip, beef jerky, caramel corn and sweet hot mustard.
Smokehouse Sampler Quick View

Smokehouse Sampler


Savory Smokehouse Snacks. Jerky, sausage, wild smoked salmon, crackers and chocolate caramel popcorn.
Pacific Northwest Harvest Quick View

Pacific Northwest Harvest


The best flavors of the Pacific Northwest: Beef Jerky, summer sausage, smoked salmon,crackers, chocolate caramel popcorn, and trail mix.
The Outdoorsman Snacking Gift Quick View

The Outdoorsman Snacking Gift

$79 to $99

Everything you need for a trek to the great outdoors. Beef Jerky, summer sausages,dip, Spretzels and local chocolate caramel corn!
Bull in a Box - Original Beef Jerky Sampler Quick View

Bull in a Box - Original Beef Jerky Sampler

$44 to $84

One Box, Four flavors. Original Beef Jerky: Traditional, Cajun, Teriyaki, and Black Pepper. Choose between 4 oz & 8 oz package size.