Silver Fork Natural Jerky - Traditional

Silver Fork Natural Jerky - Traditional

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The Silver Fork Basin is where the West family summered their cattle in the early 1900s. All are raised without hormones, steroids or antibiotics, and made with no added nitrites.

Traditional Beef Jerky - Brown sugar and pepper. The perennial favorite.

Non-Perishable. Ground shipping OK to all states.
Reviews: Delicious! Im not a big fan of smoked meats because its an effort to chew them, but I tried the Gary West Silver Fork Natural steak strips at the Medford, OR store and it was an unexpected gastronomical experience, easy to chew, incredible steak flavor and not too salty. Im going to keep some on my boat and in my truck for a great protein snack while driving on long trips, too! Im looking forward to trying their other products. tombstonenellie on 01/07/2010

This beef jerky is so much more tender than the original jerky. I love it and I buy it every time it goes on sale, its a little more expensive but worth it!

My family has always enjoyed jerky and over the years weve tried many different companies. This jerky is the best weve found out there. The added fact that it has no added nitrates is great. We also enjoy that this is a moist jerky.

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