Yuletide Tavern Ham (Naked Ham)

Yuletide Tavern Ham (Naked Ham)

Product Details

This is our leanest and smallest ham offering. We use the most tender portions of this cut to make a naturally delicious ham.

Our Hams are sourced through an Idaho Ranching Cooperative. The farmers have agreed to follow strict policies regarding no hormones, steroids or anti-biotics. Hams are brined and Smoked over hardwood chips and are fully cooke; enjoy them hot or cold.

This half Tavern Ham ships with NO condiments.

Estimate 4-8oz per serving. 

Special Shipping Info: Perishable items must ship express.
This gift contains perishable items, and must ship express to any green areas on the map below. This must also ship express to blue regions between Feb. 16 and Nov. 30.
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