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                               BAD EITHER)

                       NOW IN RESEALABLE POUCHES!

                                               beef jerky bouquet

     Bull in a Box                           Beef Jerky Bouquet Best Seller!
     One box, all flavors Samplers including   Roses are lovely, but a dozen long-
     each flavor of our award-winning lines:   stemmed steak strips in a bouquet sleeve
     Six Original Beef Flavors - Traditional,   and gift box take it to the next level. Call or
     Cajun, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, BBQ And   see web for flavor options.
     50/50-low salt and sugar.               #BB7712  12 oz  |  $45

     Original Beef. Perennial favorite

     #77615  1.5 oz of each flavor  |  $25   Mother Lode Sampler
     #7763   3 oz of each flavor  |  $45     Our best selling sampler is even better.
                                             Savor a sampling from each of our product
     Silver Fork Natural. Natural Beef, Nitrite-  lines. 1.5 ounce packages of each – Gary West
     Free. All natural Five Dot Beef with no added   Traditional, Cajun, Cracked Pepper, Teriyaki
     nitrites. Traditional, Chili Mango, Asian   and BBQ.  Silver Fork nitrite-free in Traditional,
     Fusion Teriyaki, Cracked Pepper and 50/50.  Chili Mango and 50/50, Buffalo and American
                                             Kobe-Style Wagyu beef. 15 ounces total.
     #774N  1.5 oz of each flavor  |  $25
     #774N  3 oz of each flavor   |  $45     #WML15  15 oz  |  $49

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