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West Family Feast

               One of our family’s favorite traditions is gathering
             around the holiday table to feast upon the fruit of our
              labors. Now your family can enjoy the same flavors,
                showcasing our succulent smoked ham, turkey,
             summer sausages and jerky. These signature smoked
                meats are served alongside a generous sampling
              of our favorite artisan foods from across the Pacific
             Northwest. These festive foods celebrate our history
              and tradition and regularly adorn our holiday table.
            From the West family to yours, enjoy a taste of Oregon.

                         See complete components below.

        West Family Feast
        Each West Family Feast features a golden ham and succulent turkey* as the main course.
        Serve with our family recipe Hickory and Jalapeno Smoked Summer Sausages, delicately
        smoked coho salmon, 4 ounces of heavily marbled Wagyu beef jerky and our classic
        Teriyaki jerky, 8oz of Rogue Creamery Cheddar, 3.5 oz world famous Rogue Creamery Blue
        Cheese and cranberry hazelnut cracker crisps. Includes two desserts; Harry & David’s
        Chocolate Truffles & their Chocolate Caramel Moose Munch. Dress up your ham and turkey
        with our favorite condiments. For the turkey we include Gary West Sweet Hot Mustard,
        Pepper Jelly, and brandied cranberries. To accompany the ham, a maple brown sugar ham
        glaze, and our Sweet Hot Mustard.
         *   Regular size includes a 6 lb Turkey Breast and 4 lb Tavern Ham.
            Best for a group of 10.
         *  Large size satisfies a group of up to 30, with an 8 lb Gary West Pitt
            Ham and a 10 lb whole Smoked Turkey.

        West Family Feast           West Family Feast - Large
        (Turkey Breast & 1/2 Tavern Ham)   (Whole Turkey & 1/2 Pitt Ham)
         #990  |  $199 Serves 10-15  #999  |  $249 Serves 15-30

            For toasts, and cheery nights, add a bottle of Big Bull
                 Red, or White Ox Chardonnay for $25.
                       Shipping limitations apply.

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