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The Classic

                                                           PAcific northwest Harvest

     Pacific Northwest Harvest
     Favored flavors of the Pacific Northwest
     delivered to your door. Hand stuffed Gary
     West Summer Sausage, smoked northwest
     salmon, delicious sun dried tomato bacon
     dip accompanied by Gary West Sweet        The Classic
     Hot Mustard, herb crackers, salty & sweet   Our favorite arrangement. Savor 2 oz of our
     Sriracha mixed nuts, local Cary’s Toffee Trail   Traditional jerky, Gary West Beef Summer
     Mix, and topped off with our award-winning   Sausage, Gary West Sweet Hot Mustard,
     northwest classic 4 oz Gary West Traditional   water crackers and Harry & David’s classic
     and Teriyaki jerky. Non-Perishable. Serves 2-4.   Moose Munch. Non-Perishable. Serves 2.

     #104  |  $69                               #138  |  $27

         “Golden and crispy and delicious! Big hit of the dinner. We’ll be

              doing Thanksgiving hams from now on.”  —  Steven, CT

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