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the Outdoorsman

    Oregon Weekender

     the Outdoorsman                             “you guys really make some good
     Medium: Everything you need for a trek
     to the great outdoors. Included are four 2   jerky! definitely recommend for
     oz packages of our hand crafted jerky in    anyone wanting to try a variety
     Teriyaki, Cajun & Cracked Pepper flavors,
     plus the award-winning Wagyu. Fresh from     of your products with friendly
     the smokehouse, our Beef Summer Sausage     customer service to boot. thanks
     and Sweet Hot Mustard pair nicely with
     a sun dried tomato bacon spread, locally            again!”  —  SEAN, CN
     made spicy Spretzels, sweet & spicy Sriracha
     mixed nuts, Smoked Salmon, and chocolate
     caramel covered Moose Munch popcorn.        Oregon Weekender
     Non-perishable. Serves 4-6.                 Perfect for any weekend getaway! Start the
                                                 trip off right with 2 oz of 50/50, our new
     #7248M  |  $65                              jerky line made with half the sugar and
                                                 half the salt. Includes 2 oz of our savory
                                                 Teriyaki jerky. Our Beef Summer Sausage
     Large: Upgraded jerky to a 4 oz of Teriyaki,   is complemented by a spinach artichoke
     Cajun, Cracked Pepper and Wagyu, cheddar    dip, roasted red pepper tomato bruschetta,
     pepper puffed corn and Harry & David’s      and Elki Sourdough Crostini’s. To add a
     chocolate covered cherries. Non-perishable.   sweet crunch, Cary’s Toffee Trail Mix.
     Serves 6-8.                                 Perishable. Serves 4-6.
     #7248L  |  $95                               #140  |  $59

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