Main Street, Jacksonville, Oregon. circa 1900
Photo courtesy of the Southern Oregon Historical Society

Nelson Pursel (Gary West's grandfather) with his oxen, "Tom," "Jerry," "Fred," and "Pat," hauling logs to the first lumber mill in the Little Applegate. circa 1906

Ina Pursel (Gary West's grandmother) taught school for over 50 years in the Applegate area. For many years she rode to the one-room schoolhouse on horseback, and then chopped wood to build a fire in the tiny wood stove before the children arrived. In this photo (circa 1906) she had to pull the children across the Applegate River in a trolley to get to school. She was truly a Pioneer "Lady." We never heard her say a bad word, and she always wore a dress.

Gary's Grandpa, Nelson Pursel, was born in Jacksonville in 1883. Here he is in the designer baby buggy of the day.



The grandparents of Dee Ann (Clark) West, Roderick and Clara Clark, with their children heading to Jacksonville for Sunday Church in their "Town Buggy" and their best clothes. circa 1905.

This is Gary West with his mother, Ethel West, on their way to "sewing club" where the ladies who lived along the Applegate River met once each month for over 50 years to sew, chat, and exchange gossip. circa 1941

Here's a young Gary on one of the ranch work horses named "Mike" at the Cicle G Ranch in the Little Applegate area.