Smoked Ham

Smoked Ham & Ham Gifts

Whether it’s Christmas ham, ham hocks and beans, or just plain ham and eggs… When it comes to memories of homecookin’, many of us have a soft spot for good old-fashioned smoked ham. And Gary West Meats smokes ham the old-fashioned way. Smoked hams from Gary West are already fully-cooked, so enjoy them, hot or cold, straight from our smokehouse to your dinner table.

Hams and Ham Gifts must ship express outside the Pacific Northwest.

Applegate Ham Buffet Quick View

Applegate Ham Buffet

$95 to $105

Choose either a half Tavern or Pitt Ham from our smokehouse, complemented with glaze and hors d'oeuvres.
Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham Quick View

Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham

$79 to $139

NEW! Bone-in, cured in our sweet brine and slow smoked over hardwood chips.
Garys Pride Pitt Ham Quick View

Garys Pride Pitt Ham

$69 or $129

Boneless, intense flavor. Half 8lbs or Whole 16lbs with our sweet hot mustard and ham glaze.
Yuletide Tavern Ham Quick View

Yuletide Tavern Ham

$49 to $75

All natural, very lean and very tender.
Granny West's Old Fashioned Ham Quick View

Granny West's Old Fashioned Ham


Bone-in ham. Most savory. Half 10-12 lbs.