Gifts Under $100

Gourmet Gifts Under $100

A selection of Gary West gift baskets, beef jerky gifts, jerky Samplers and favorite artisan food gifts.
Silver Fork Natural Elk Jerky Quick View

Silver Fork Natural Elk Jerky

$6.85 to $13.50

All-natural farm-raised elk. No hormones, steroids, antibiotics or added nitrites.
Silverfork Natural Buffalo Jerky - Traditional Quick View

Silverfork Natural Buffalo Jerky - Traditional

$6.85 to $13.50

Silver Fork Buffalo Jerky combines all-natural buffalo with our nitrite-free cure.
Wood River Smoked Wagyu Quick View

Wood River Smoked Wagyu

$7 to $14

Intense marbling and flavor. Japanese Wagyu beef raised in the US, traditional rub, smoked over hard wood.
The Outdoorsman Snacking Gift Quick View

The Outdoorsman Snacking Gift

$79 to $99

Everything you need for a trek to the great outdoors. Beef Jerky, summer sausages,dip, Spretzels and local chocolate caramel corn!
Perfect Smoked Turkey Breast Quick View

Perfect Smoked Turkey Breast


It's all in the name! Turkey breast are smoked on the bone and average 7 lbs. Delicious and ready-to-eat.