Free Shipping Beef Jerky Bouquet Mixed Flavors ONLY

Free Shipping Beef Jerky Bouquet Mixed Flavors ONLY

Product Details

One Dozen Long-Stemmed Steak Strips for $45. Decoratively wrapped and delivered in gift box.

Not quite like roses. Some might say even better. Thrill your favorite carnivore.

This special includes 3 of each flavors of each: Tradtioanl, Cajun, Teriykai, and Black Pepper.

Special Shipping Info: Free Standard Shipping
Non-Perishable. Ground shipping OK to all states.
Reviews: My husband HATES flowers, he thinks they're a waste of money. I wanted to surprise him at work with a special delivery for his birthday, that wasnt candy, or obviously flowers, and came across this awesome jerky bouquet. When he received the package, my husband called me immediately and was very, very excited. All the guys at work were swarming around him when he was on the phone with me, drooling with jealousy, telling him how awesome I was for sending him the ultimate man bouquet.

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