Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your store hours?

Regular Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Hours during COVID 19: Mon-Sat 11pm-6pm

Open Sundays 11am-5pm: November 17- December 31, 2013

Open Sundays 11am 5pm: May 25- Sept 7th, 2014

Open Sundays 11am-5pm: November 16- Dec 31, 2014

How long will jerky last?
If the package is intact, it will last one year.  Once you open the package, it should be refrigerated.
Remove the original shrink wrap, and place jerky in a paper bag in the refrigerator.
Does jerky need to be refrigerated?
Not if it is in the sealed package.
How is jerky made?
We hand cut inside top rounds into strips.  Strips are then tumbled with a spice rub.  They are marinated in natural juices.  Strips are then placed by hand onto large curing racks.  The racks are stacked and placed into an oven.  The oven cooks the jerky, while hickory smoke circulates through the smokehouse.  Finished strips are cooled and packaged.
Why does buffalo/elk jerky say “contains beef”?
The buffalo and elk strips are solid buffalo and elk cuts.
A USDA inspector is in our plant each day to ensure we are operating according to our food safety plan.  The USDA only supervises beef production, not buffalo or elk.  In order for the USDA to inspect our buffalo and elk processes, we puree beef (3% by weight) and add it to the marinade.  The jerky strips are removed from the marinade and cooked in the smokehouse.  The product you are eating is pure buffalo or elk, and the process is inspected and certified by the USDA.
Does jerky contain preservatives?
Yes.  Without preservatives, Jerky has an inherent risk from botulinum toxin.  Sodium nitrite is a synthetic cure that blocks growth of some dangerous pathogens.  All jerky contains a natural or synthetic sodium nitrite.  Without it, jerky is unsafe without refrigeration.  Some natural forms of sodium nitrite include celery powder, pineapple juice, turnip juice or powder.
From where does the beef/buffalo/elk originate?
Our buffalo is all natural (no hormones, steroids or antibiotics).  It is farm-raised in South Dakota. Our elk is also all natural.  It is raised on game ranches in New Zealand.
What is dog jerky?
Dog jerky is our regular beef jerky product that is close to expiration, or doesn’t meet criteria for sale to people.  It includes all flavors mixed together.
Where are the Hams from?
Hams are from a cooperative of 27 ranchers in Idaho.

Are the hams cooked?
Yes – cooked and smoked.  They can be eaten cold, or re-heated.
How do I prepare a ham?
Serve hot or cold.  To reheat, set an oven to 325 degrees.  An hour and a half should work for half ham.  3 hours is about right for a whole ham.  Be very careful not to dry out the ham.  Try a foil wrap if necessary.  For an extra special meal, glaze your ham during the last 30 minutes of heating.  Sweet jams work well.  Raspberry balsamic jam is our favorite.  A honey/brown sugar glaze also works well.  Remove any foil or wrap.  Brush or drip the glaze over the top of the ham in the oven.  Maintain heat for the final 30 minutes.  Let the ham sit for 15 minutes.
Can I freeze the Ham?
We try to keep the product fresh.  Freezing does not hurt the product, if it is frozen quickly.  Uneaten ham should be frozen if it is not eaten within a week of receiving the product.
Is the sausage cooked or fresh?
All of our sausages are cooked. 
How do I prepare the sausage?
Summer sausage, Jalapeno, and pepper sticks should be eaten cold.
Italian, Polish, German, Bratwurst and Cajun Sausage should be heated.  For best results, place 1/4” water in the bottom of a frying pan.  Bring to a boil.  Place sausages in the pan.  Remove just before the water has fully boiled away.
What is difference between Original Recipe, Certified Angus Beef and Silver Fork Natural?
Certified Angus Beef jerky is made from the very best of choice grade beef – just 8% of beef is eligible.  It has more marbling, more flavor and is more tender; World Famous jerky is the original recipe.  It has less marbling, which some people prefer in their jerky.  It is the best seller. While all of our beef is natural – no steroids, hormones or antibiotics; Silver Fork Natural goes further – we use no sodium nitrite in the curing process.  We use celery powder.  The net effect is a sweeter, almost molasses flavor.
From where does the beef/buffalo/elk originate?
Our buffalo is all natural (no hormones, steroids or antibiotics).  It is farm-raised in South Dakota. Our elk is also all natural.  It is raised on game ranches in New Zealand.
Why are hams and other perishable gifts no longer available on the website?
Over the years, rising shipping and packaging costs have made the overall cost of these gifts untenable. Most customer dissatisfaction issues arise from these high fees. We looked at the cost to us of packing these gifts for safe transport, and the frequency of problems in transport. Ultimately, we decided to limit perishable items to in-store purchase only.


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• Some items require express shipping. If your order qualifies for free ground shipping, but requires express, your shipping fee will be credited the ground ship rate.
• The offer is limited to orders shipped within the continental 48 U.S. states only.
• Free shipping offers can change or expire at any time without notice.
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We will do everything we can to get your gift to its destination by its intended date.  Due to weather and other factors, we cannot guarantee the gift won’t arrive early.  The only way to guarantee arrival on a certain date is to ship overnight.
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Due to the nature of artisan foods, we may have to substitute goods of equal or greater value.




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How Will My Gift Arrive?
All Gary West gifts ship in custom gift boxes.  In an effort to reduce gift prices and shipping charges, we have moved entirely to boxes.
Can I ship to other countries?
We cannot accept responsibility for any overseas shipments.  Do so at your own risk.  This does not apply to APO/FPO addresses.
I need the gift to arrive on a specific day.  What do I need to do?
The only was to guarantee arrival on a single day is to ship via overnight.  Aside from the express shipping fee, there is a $10 handling fee to ensure that we ship the package on the day you specify.