Certified Angus Beef Jerky - Traditional

Certified Angus Beef Jerky - Traditional

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Certified Angus Beef (r) and Gary West Meats team up for a premiere smoked beef snack. Only 8 percent of beef qualifies for this top choice program and Gary West is proudly the only company authorized to make jerky for the Certified Angus Beef brand.

Traditional is by far the most popular recipe. Paired with Certified Angus Beef (r) it really shines. We love this stuff. It is best right out of the smoker. Heat the strips to 200 degrees for a few minutes to re-create that fresh smoked texture and flavor.

Non-Perishable. Ground shipping OK to all states.

I never leave reviews.. this once I had to. When I think of jerky I think of dry chewy man jerky. This jerky had just the right amount of tang, spice and juicy flavor to make me want more. forget jack links, gary west is going in our stocking this year!

I first tasted the jerky when I was in OR on a business trip and I was immediately hooked. Ive been buying the CAB jerky for years. Jerky can have the consistency of leather if its made incorrectly but, Gary Wests CAB has a high moisture content, making it a lot easier to chew. Oh, and my dog loves Gus Dog Jerky! by Frank from NC on 03/23/2010

CAB bite size 8 oz traditional flavor –– Great stuff! This replaces my old favorite of original teriyaki strips. I usually get strips of 8 oz original JOM, then cut the strips into bite sizes, put them in zip lock baggies and mete them out to me and friends. These already bite size packs are so much easier, and the CAB is so very much better than the original. And the original is good stuff any day of the week. Its not jerky, its smoked meat. Please make bite size CAB Teriyaki. Thanks! marber

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