New York Times

“(2nd Place) GARY WEST “traditional” flavor beef jerky comes in long, dark, sinewy strands with a handsome lacquered look, and required the least mouth muscle by a measure. One taster summed up our response: “Mmm, meaty and sweet” ($26 a pound from or 800-833-1820).”

“Chew and Chew Again: A Jerky Renaissance”, New York Times, Peter Meehan, July 2007

“…Jerky connoisseurs find their bliss online at jerky emporiums like … The jerky sampler packs from this last producer come with gold-foil, vacuum-sealed packages that include Cajun-style certified Angus beef strips and hickory-smoked buffalo jerky. The meats — long strips of rump roast — are cut against the grain to make them tender rather than leathery. The flavor intensifies after the jerky is warmed in the oven at 200 degrees for three minutes to make it “smokehouse fresh,” per the package instructions….”

“For Epicures, a New Take on Jerky”, NYT Dining: David Hochman, July 2007

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