Black Pepper Jerky, Beef Steak Strips

Black Pepper Jerky, Beef Steak Strips

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Jerky is what we do best. Smoked steak strips have been our flagship product for years. We source the best beef inside top rounds in the north west. We carefully trim any fat, then we marinate and smoke them slowly over hickory chips. The result is an outstanding stick of jerky, every time.

"Rolls Royce of Jerky" - The Today Show
"Mmm, Meaty and Sweet" - New York Times

Cracked Black Pepper - Traditional recipe, heavy on the cracked pepper.

Special Shipping Info: Non-Perishable
Reviews: Hi,I recieved a sample pack of cracked pepper,from marlboro,and I loved the flavor

I also recieved a sample of the pepper jerky, It was awesome. great job guys.

Got a pack as a gift and must say I love the black pepper.

Moist, tender, SO much flavor!

I cant stop eating the jerky once I open the package and that makes me thirsty. Very nice pepper flavor which doesnt hide the one of the meat. I fell in love

Received my sample today and its gone. I was skeptical,but this is good, and Ill tell you why. Its great, because most of the meats/jerkys you get today are very moist ... I can get water from my faucet ... this gary west pack was very dried, the way it should be. Good amount of suck on it a while = Im going to order a pound I do believe.

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