Artisan Foods

Artisan Foods

Walk into the Gary West store in Jacksonville and you will find some of the most delicious artisan food and wine from Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Some of our store favorites are now available online! Want extra Gary West sweet hot mustard, or brandied cranberries for your holiday table? Check back here for seasonal specialties and award-winning gourmet gifts.
Pepperoni Sticks Quick View

Pepperoni Sticks


Papa's spicy pepperoni. Rich, smoked beef flavor. Pairs great with our sweet hot mustard!
Perfect Smoked Turkey Quick View

Perfect Smoked Turkey


All Natural Whole Smoked Turkey. Ships with sweet hot mustard, brandied cranberries and pepper jelly.
Yuletide Tavern Ham Quick View

Yuletide Tavern Ham

$49 to $75

Our tender tavern hams are very lean and our smallest ham option. This ham gift ships with maple brown sugar gaze and sweet hot mustard.
Garys Pride Pitt Ham Quick View

Garys Pride Pitt Ham

$65 or $119

Boneless, intense flavor. Half and Whole Pitt Ham options with our sweet hot mustard and ham glaze.
Seriously Fine Sausage Quick View

Seriously Fine Sausage


Beef Summer Sausages,rogue Creamery Cheese, German and Bratwurst sausages with snacks.
Applegate Ham Buffet Quick View

Applegate Ham Buffet

$95 to $105

Choose either a half Tavern or Pitt Ham from our smokehouse, complemented with glaze, our Sweet hot mustard and hors d'oeuvres.
Gary's Pride Pitt Ham (Naked Ham) Quick View

Gary's Pride Pitt Ham (Naked Ham)


Boneless half Pitt Ham only. Ships with NO Condiments
Perfect Smoked Turkey (Naked Bird) Quick View

Perfect Smoked Turkey (Naked Bird)


All Natural Smoked bone-in Turkey.Naked Bird - ships with NO Condiments
Granny West's Old Fashioned Ham Quick View

Granny West's Old Fashioned Ham


Old fashioned Bone-in ham is the most savory.
Yuletide Tavern Ham (Naked Ham) Quick View

Yuletide Tavern Ham (Naked Ham)


Boneless Half Tavern Ham only. Ships with No Condiments.
Smoked Bacon, 16oz Quick View

Smoked Bacon, 16oz


1 lb of smoked bacon goodness.
Summer Sausage Quick View

Summer Sausage


We have been smoking Papa's Liebe's Old World beef summer sausage recipe for decades. Varieties include our 12 oz Jalapeno Beef Sausage , 12 oz Hickory Smoked Beef Sauage, and Gary West's 8 oz Beef Sausage.
West Family Feast Quick View

West Family Feast


Our most extravagant Feasting Gift. Smoked ham and smoked turkey served with a full spread of artisan hors d’oeuvres. Serves up to 30.
Oregon Weekender Quick View

Oregon Weekender


For your weekend getaway. Beef Sausage,sweet hot mustard, gourmet artichoke spread, red pepper bruschetta, crostini cracker, and moose munch caramel corn.
The Classic Snacking Gift Quick View

The Classic Snacking Gift


Our hallmark flavors include Beef Jerky, Summer Sausage, Mustard and Moose Munch.
The Wayfarer Quick View

The Wayfarer


SAVE 25% while supplies last! Perfect for a day trip; beef summer sausage, artichoke cheese spread, beef jerky, caramel corn and sweet hot mustard.
Smokehouse Sampler Quick View

Smokehouse Sampler


Savory Smokehouse Snacks. Jerky, sausage, wild smoked salmon, crackers and Harry & David Moose Munch.
Pacific Northwest Harvest Quick View

Pacific Northwest Harvest


The best flavors of the Pacific Northwest: Beef Jerky, summer sausage, smoked salmon,crackers, Harry & David Moose Much, and mixed nuts.
Table Rock Turkey Feast Quick View

Table Rock Turkey Feast


Give the gift of a delicious Turkey meal with all the trimmings!
Oregon's Finest Pairs Quick View

Oregon's Finest Pairs

$49 to $79

SAVE 25% while supplies last! For those who love Oregon's Signature Flavors: Cranberries, figs, pear compote, blue cheeses, honey and Kobe-style beef jerky.
The Gathering Quick View

The Gathering

$55 to $89

SAVE 25% while supplies last! This Best Seller has two size options including all the fan favorites. Beef jerky, summer sausage, smoked salmon, crackers, mustard and caramel popcorn for dessert!



Our leanest smoked ham served with thick cut bacon, double-smoked bacon sausage, Oregon berry jam and English crumpets.


$79 to $99

Everything you need for a trek to the great outdoors. Beef Jerky, summer sausages,dip, Spretzels and Moose Munch!