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Smoked Turkey

Turkeys are the traditional centerpiece of a Thanksgiving table, but a smoked turkey from Gary West Meats will make any meal a festive occasion. Gary West smoked turkeys and turkey breasts are brined and delicately smoked over a blend of alder and hickory wood chips. The result is a savory, pre-cooked turkey that is sure to wow both you and your guests. Gary West smoked turkeys are also available with our signature condiment kit of Sweet Hot Mustard, Brandied Cranberries and Pepper Jelly. A smoked turkey from Gary West is a fitting main course for any special occasion, including the holidays. Smoked Ham Gifts

Speaking of the holidays… Discover why a Gary West smoked turkey is fast becoming a holiday family tradition, as a stand-alone option or as the focal point of a West Family Feast or Northwest Turkey Feast combos. As one satisfied customer stated after presenting a Gary West smoked turkey as the holiday meal: "Family in complete agreement that our Smoked Turkey was the best Thanksgiving Turkey we have ever had." Smoked Ham Gifts

Taste what you're missing before another holiday season passes by and order a Gary West Smoked Turkey. You won't be disappointed!

Hams and Ham Gifts must ship express outside the Pacific Northwest.


Item # Image Description Price
999 LARGE <b>West Family Feast - Large<b>
West Family Feast - Large
Our most extravagant gift. One Half of a Tavern Ham (4 lbs) and a succulent 10 lb smoked turkey, Ham Glaze, Turkey condiments and hors d'ouevre30 lbs

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990T <b>West Family Feast - Ham and Turkey<b>
West Family Feast - Ham and Turkey

The West Family feast sets the anchor for a large holiday meal. Our Original West Family feast includes a 1/2 Tavern Ham and an 8 lb smoked turkey, along with a rich hors d'oeuvre selection.

Summer shipping fees apply
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101 WHOLE <b>Table Rock Turkey Feast<b>
Table Rock Turkey Feast
A delightful meal featuring a classic Smoked Turkey from our Artisan Smokehouse (9-10 lbs). Accompanied by Sausages, Condiments, Salmon, Cheese, Truffles and jerky.

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200 WHOLE <b>Perfect Whole Smoked Turkey</b>
Perfect Whole Smoked Turkey

All Natural Smoked Whole Turkey (avg 10 lbs) Ships with Sweet Hot Mustard, Brandied Cranberries and Pepper Jelly.
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200N WHOLE <b>Perfect Smoked Turkey</b>
Perfect Smoked Turkey
Naked Bird - All Natural Whole Smoked Turkey (avg 10 lbs) Ships with Sweet Hot Mustard.

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