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Buffalo Jerky

An original American staple, buffalo jerky has been made for countless generations from American Bison. Gary West Buffalo Jerky sources its all-natural buffalo meat from small suppliers committed to sustainable, humane ranching practices. Bison top rounds are cut and trimmed by hand, then rubbed and marinated with recipes adapted from Gary West's original beef jerky recipes. The result is an exquisitely meaty flavored buffalo jerky, available in Traditional, Cajun and Cracked Pepper. Gary West also offers its bison jerky as Silver Fork Natural Buffalo Jerky, featuring all-natural meat and nitrite-free recipes.

Game meats like buffalo (bison) have surged in popularity as all-natural, low-fat sources of protein, and buffalo is particularly lean, with much less saturated fat than beef. In fact, once fully cured in the Gary West smokehouse our buffalo jerky is 99% fat free. Guilt-free, healthy snacking is just a click away. Try some Gary West Buffalo Jerky today!


Item # Image Description Price
B-TR Buffalo Jerky strips
Buffalo Jerky strips
Buffalo has a rich flavor with 90% less fat. Delicious.

select sizes.
NB-TR Natural Buffalo Strips
Natural Buffalo Strips
Silver Fork Buffalo combines all-natural buffalo with our nitrite-free cure.
2 & 4 oz


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