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Wagyu Beef Jerky

Wagyu Beef Jerky from Gary West Meats features American-raised Wagyu beef modeled after the elite Japanese Kobe beef. This premium grade beef, which grades above USDA Prime, is defined by intense marbling, tender texture and exquisite flavor. Gary West handcrafts its top-shelf Wagyu jerky in small batches, with Wagyu top round cuts trimmed and sliced by hand. Gary West Wagyu jerky comes out of the smokehouse with a texture that melts in your mouth, and it is ideal for reheating. Available in our Original Recipe Traditional flavor, this Kobe-style Wagyu beef jerky deserves to be relished and savored. It's the ideal luxury gift for others... or treat yourself! Buy Wagyu beef jerky today at Gary West Meats.


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W-TR <b>Wood River Smoked Wagyu</b>
Wood River Smoked Wagyu

Intense marbling and flavor. Japanese Wagyu beef raised in the US, traditional cure, smoked over pear wood.

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