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Smoked Bacon

Lay down strips of fatty, meaty bacon in a frying pan. Smell the smoky aroma. Hear the sizzle. There's something zen about hearing bacon sizzle... Gary West knows bacon and smokes slabs of artisanal gourmet bacon by hand at its small family-owned smokehouse in Jacksonville, Oregon. Gary West makes bacon for true bacon lovers. This is the perfect bacon for bacon-wrapped filet mignon. This is the smoked bacon that make BLTs sublime. This is the sort of bacon that cast iron skillets cradle with loving warmth. This is the bacon that microwaves would deem an immaculate honor to even think of cooking. Yes, microwave bacon can be top-shelf, so long as you're nuking top-shelf smoked bacon from Gary West Meats! Don't think. Obey the bacon. Order Gary West bacon today.


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BACON Smoked Bacon
Smoked Bacon
1 lb of smoked bacon goodness.
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