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Artisan Foods


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138 <b>The Classic - Snacking gift<b>
The Classic - Snacking gift
Send your best wishes with our hallmark flavors. Traditional Steak Strips, Beef Summer Sausage, Sweet Hot Mustard, water crackers and Moose Munch bar.

Non-perishable, serves 2.
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130 <b>Wayfarer<b>
Great Oregon products - Summer Sausage, Cheese Spread , Gourmet Crackers, Jerky, Cosmos Caramel Corn and Sweet Hot Mustard.

Non-Perishable, serves 2-4
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110 <b>Smokehouse Sampler</b>
Smokehouse Sampler
3 lbs Savory Smokehouse Snacks - jerky, sausage, smoked salmon, crackers and Moose Munch.

Non-perishable. Serves 4-6.
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140 <b>Oregon Weekender</b>
Oregon Weekender
For your Weekend Getaway.

Sausage, spreads, jerky and sweets. Delicious and travels well.
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7248M The Outdoorsman - Medium
The Outdoorsman - Medium
Everything you need for a trek to the great outdoors. Non-perishable snacks, serves 4-6
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130 WINE <b>Wayfarer with Wine<b>
Wayfarer with Wine
Great Oregon products - Summer Sausage, Cheese Spread, Water Crackers, Jerky, Caramel Corn and Sweet Hot Mustard. Paired with your choice of Red or White wine.

121M <b>The Gathering<b>
The Gathering
Snacking gifts for office and home. Featuring the best flavors of the region.

121M serves 4-6
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104 <b>Pacific Northwest Harvest<b>
Pacific Northwest Harvest
7 lbs Snacks with the best flavors of the Pacific Northwest.
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100 <b>Smokehouse Breakfast<b>
Smokehouse Breakfast

Makes for a memorable breakfast - One pound of our center-cut Smoked Bacon, locally made Double Smoked Bacon Sausage, English Crumpets, Oregon Berry Jam, and our Sweet Hot Mustard . Choose Pitt Ham steak ($49) or half a Tavern ham ($75). 6 lbs or 9 lbs

102 <b>Seriously Fine Sausage<b>
Seriously Fine Sausage
6 lbs . Seriously Fine Favorites! A variety of Summer Sausages, German and Breakfast sausages with an assortment of complementary snacks.

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990T <b>West Family Feast - Ham and Turkey<b>
West Family Feast - Ham and Turkey

The West Family feast sets the anchor for a large holiday meal. Our Original West Family feast includes a 1/2 Tavern Ham and an 8 lb smoked turkey, along with a rich hors d'oeuvre selection.

Summer shipping fees apply
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